MOBS Founder Alexandre Benaim Featured in The HYPE Magazine

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MOBS founder Alexandre Benaim was recently featured in The Hype Magazine, a diverse urban online and print magazine. Read on to learn more about the Grid Phase TR launch, what's coming up in Fall 2018, his inspiration & more.


The Grid Phase TR aims to be both chic and sporty. Where did the name come from?

Alex Benaim: The Grid Phase TR name comes from the grid outline that shapes major metropolitan cities around the world. Each pair of MOBS was designed to be worn while exploring urban jungles and trekking through city blocks, and the Grid Phase TR offers the comfort and style that encourages just that.

How far in advance does MOBS come up with product lines? Or at least, how far in advance is the company working ahead?

Alex Benaim: The team at MOBS is always keeping an eye out for upcoming trends. We start exploring new materials, colors, and designs a year out from the launch of each new season. We’re inspired particularly by human migration patterns, contemporary design, and global exploration.

Do you have a favorite of the MOBS styles available?

Alex Benaim: My favorite MOBS style is the Grid Phase TR. It’s really representative of the MOBS brand — designed specifically for urban exploration using an adaptive stretch fit upper and the highest-quality leathers.

What is coming up for MOBS in the coming months? Any new products or campaigns?

Alex Benaim: We’re launching our Fall 2018 campaign in October. Ambra Gutierrez and Ian Mellencamp are the faces of the campaign and we’re thrilled to be working with them. We’re also dropping three new styles this season: Tread Maquis, Grid Phase TR, and Grid Alpine TR. Stay tuned!

What do you wish more people knew about MOBS as a brand?

Alex Benaim: I’d like more people to know the meaning behind MOBS acronym: Mobility, Optimism, Beauty and Soul. It encompasses the brand values and provides us with a lens through which we approach everything: from our internal operations to the design of our products.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Alex Benaim: The MOBS team is made up entirely of “shoe people” having come from some of the world’s top performing footwear and luxury fashion brands. The work is inspiring and exciting more than anything else. We love that we have the opportunity to share our passion for shoes with our customers.

As a music-centric publication, I must ask: What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Alex Benaim: I saw The Killers at the Paléo Festival Nyon in Switzerland this past July. Their performance was magnificent!

Finally, Alex, any last words for the kids?

Alex Benaim: Exploration is the key to true modern discovery.

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