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Hometown / Current Town:
Born in Chicago, but Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn is my home.
Television & Film Director / Film-maker
I'm a decent Poker player. I've won some tournaments, and lost the clothes on my back.
Last Book Read / Record Listened / TV Show Binged or Movie Watched:
I'm into audiobooks these days. I just finished Kevin Hart's, "Life Lessons: I can't Make This Up," which is hilarious! Being in the television industry, I tend to watch everything. I really enjoyed Netflix's Mindhunter.
Last Accomplishment:
I was just named Director of Digital Content for Optomen Productions. Together, we just sold eight episodes of a new program to Facebook's new digital platform.
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around every once in awhile, you might miss it."
Thoughtful and focused without being too intense or unapproachable. Practical and pragmatic.
Personal Style / MOBS Style:
The urban J. Crew in a MOBS Tread Low.MOBS Tread Low Blanc
Mobility, Optimism, Beauty, or Soul?
Soul of course. What else is there?
Sterling Milan is a New York based television and film director. Before transitioning to directing, Sterling cut his industry teeth producing reality television for VH1, MTV and ABC. His directorial credits range from braving dangerous wildlife in exotic locations for Nat Geo Wild's Man vs. Monster to the hit true crime series Scorned: Love Kills and Most Evil, a docu-series exploring the dark world of serial killers, both for Investigation Discovery. Additional directing credits include Travel Channel's Mysteries at The Museum and Alaska Haunting for Destination America. Black Movie Night, Sterling's second short film, won the audience award at the 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival. Sterling lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son.
Instagram: @sterlingmilan
Twitter: @sterlingmilan

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  • Hi, I know this might be weird, but in February i was in the airport waiting for a flight to chicago when i had a conversation with your dad, charles milan. he told me to try and gain contact with him after my college auditions were over, but he never gave me form of contact. you can ask him if it’s true; hopefully he remembers. if he doesn’t that’s fine and reaching out just wasn’t meant to be, but i promise what i’m saying is real, and i wanted to let him know i got into NYU Tisch and i’m very excited. sorry this is so long, i hope you have a great day!

    Michelle Garcia on

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